What kind of woman are you?

Movies, TV and books usually have interesting female characters that range from crazy to nuttier. From the outside looking in, we tend to just remember the dramatic and ridiculous antics of these fictional  characters. But somehow, women find a connection and are able to identify with them, regardless of their exaggerated behavior.

Last summer, I wanted to dabble in the fiction genre as a way to enhance my craft. Due to my love for real, unfiltered stories, creative writing was way outside my comfort zone, but I decided to register for a 6 week online writing boot camp.

There I learned that for any type of story, there are a list of female archetypes that help writers develop personalities for their characters and plot. The seven discussed in the class were –  the Seductive Muse, the Matriarch, the Amazon, the Maiden, the Diva, and the Crane.

What I found fascinating was how I was able to relate to each of the seven archetypes. Some of the traits are vague, and surely can be justified to fit anyone’s life at the present moment, however, am I the only one that is able to find resemblance in all seven at any given time or mood?

Take a look at the descriptions below. Do you relate to just one, several or all archetypes?

The Seductive Muse

  • Loves to be the center of attention
  • Smart and creative
  • Enjoys sex
  • Loves her hobby
  • Feels deeply
  • Physically centered
  • Extrovert
  • Great listener
  • Occupation: Artistic type
  • Firmly believes all acts of love and pleasure are sacred
  • Motivated by self-actualization
  • As a villain: The Muse becomes the Femme Fatale who deliberately uses her charm to seduce men.

The Matriarch

  • Loves to be with family
  • Enjoys entertaining
  • Committed to her marriage
  • Dreams about her wedding day
  • If she isn’t married, she may run a business as if it were her family.
  • Physically centered
  • Extroverted
  • Receives information by means of the senses
  • Great at looking and listening
  • Evaluates her situations via emotional response
  • Occupations: Enterprising type
  • Belief: Always make time for your mate
  • Motivated by love, belonging, and respect
  • As a villain: The Scorned Woman is passive aggressive and needs to be in control.

The Mother

  • Chronically fatigued/ self-sacrificing
  • Often wrestles with their own demons from the past as they have lived enough life to have regrets that haven’t found reconciliation to sort through it all and make peace with their darkest shadows
  • Passive or aggressive resistance
  • Very emotional from stress, fatigue
  • Micromanager
  • Nurtures and gives support to others
  • Tend to place unspoken agreements and expectations on relationships, then feel resentment when expectations aren’t met
  • Give, give, give – expecting the same in return, but ends up feeling volatile and hurt
  • Quite intimidating at their strongest form
  • Extremely resilient

The Amazon

  • Loves nature and animals
  • Values womanhood
  • Unafraid
  • Willing to fight to the death
  • Wants to be self-sufficient
  • Extrovert
  • Intuitive
  • Evaluates situations via her emotional response
  • Occupation: Realistic type
  • Belief: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Face your fears head on.
  • Motivated by survival
  • As a villain: The Gorgon surfaces and rages against injustices and is merciless.

The Maiden

  • Needs a man /relationship
  • Friends with everyone
  • Needs validation from others
  • Insecure
  • Explorer of the world
  • “I’ll try it” mentality
  • Difficulty remaining faithful
  • Coy and flirtatious
  • Nervous about voicing opinions and ideas
  • Emotionally expressive
  • Outburst of anger
  • A rebel
  • Often lost or unprepared for life
  • Does not like being alone or being in silence
  • Bored easily and must be entertained at all times
  • Very experimental and adventurous

The Diva

  • Limits people in her life
  • Guards her environment diligently
  • “I’ve done it” mentality
  • Doesn’t break down or cry much during conflict
  • Clear and direct
  • Mastering this world
  • Independent
  • Support available only to some
  • Discerning with her energy
  • Perceived as aloof and elitist
  • Reconciled with her past and lives comfortably in the present

The Crane

  • Holds court and honored by all.
  • Wisdom is not freely offered – must be sought out
  • Looks back on life with joy and pride
  • Comfortable with own company but enjoys visiting and haring with others
  • Uneasy with needing things from others while she is wise enough to accept with grace
  • Works to resolve issues with the future; death
  • Walks between worlds Shamaness
  • Welcoming
  • “I’ve mastered it” mentality
  • Peace
  • Revels in grandmotherhood

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