9 Ways He’s Intentionally/Unintentionally Making It Clear That He Doesn’t Want A Future With You

Maybe it was time for your stone heart to finally break, or if you’re still trying to be optimistic about your mystery man then perhaps it truly was bad timing.

Nonetheless, finding yourself in serious doubt over someone’s  feelings for you and who you’re taking very seriously is never an easy hit to embrace, even if you have built the toughest walls around that blood pumping organ.

Ride or die? I’m not so sure about that. Here are the 9 signs he’s using you as a way to pass the time.

1. “Luke, who is your father?”

Love isn’t black nor white, so if his family lives on the other side of the country, cut the guy a break. But if both his mother and father live less than a 5 minute car ride away, don’t be afraid to wonder why, and then talk with him about the reason.

2. He’s a fortune-teller.

Famous lines like, “I don’t see us working out in the long run” or “I don’t think you’re the one” will most likely  turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy with his positive attitude.

3. Little effort or interest in making an effort. 

You’re easy-going and have your own life to live, but sometimes it’s nice to show your man off to your friends and family. After 2 years, if he’s unable to commit to a few hours for your friends BBQ, then deary, I’m sorry, but he’s just not that into you.

4. Nip/Tuck or Nit/Pick

Sometimes there’s hidden reasons for crankiness with our significant other. Could be work, family or another personal issue that has nothing to do with the love you know is there between the two of you, however, is your lack of flossing that serious of a problem where your lover turns into your sworn enemy? Different schools of thought are normal, but when they turn into huge arguments, there’s an underlying problem that should be discovered quickly.

5. Expect more and emotionally pay more

Finding yourself erasing fundamental expectations that even the most arrogant of people would raise an eyebrow to is not the same as managing your expectations. Balance between two lives is what makes a relationship work, on top of wanting it to work.

6. Whoa.. the tables have turned and he’s nowhere to be found

He didn’t fight for you, or the relationship he claimed to have had with you. He dumped you a billion times, and you always fight for him to see the light. But, when you throw your hands up due to your patience wearing itself thin, he high fives you, has confetti shoot out from the rooftops, runs faster than the speed of light.

7. Pushes you away (in the literal and figurative sense)

Do you lean in to hug or kiss him and he subconsciously shoves you away? Don’t think he’s sleep walking. Okay, maybe he has no idea that he’s making you feel like a washed up troll, but you’re the one who should wake up here.

8. PS. I don’t love you

Enough said.

9. Insults outweigh the compliments.

You tell him that your feelings get hurt when he calls you stupid. His response is laughing in your face. He’s not taking your feelings seriously, so what makes you think he’s not going to disregard the idea of being with you.


These 9 ways are clearly, and mostly, exaggerated and taken out of context scenarios, to add humor to those dazed and confused by this feeling named, love.

Perhaps I could’ve saved you the time by stating my point at the beginning, but I tend to forget that some people don’t find me to be funny, or even informative, (Hello, Reddit.) So, here it is, the conclusion to this lovely mess –

The more we romanticize a situation and a person, the more we forget about what’s actually happening. Okay, so what if he keeps contradicting the events from the day before and, of course, he’s going to answer your text because, at the end of the day, you’re allowing him to define your self-worth.

They say if you love someone, let them go. And I’m pretty sure you know the rest. He took the risk of losing you. It may be bad timing or some other story, but why can’t you take the same chance? Only time will tell if it was worth it in the end.



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