Think Vintage

Up until the age of 24, I thought the only talent I had was the craft of conversation. Talking is still a strong trait of mine, but once I began living each and every single day with purpose and positive intent, my curiosity, uninhibitedly, led me down a rather unique path. I had no idea that my love for the odd and awkward would be somewhat useful in the real world.

If it has a vintage, rustic, industrial, traditional, or just an interesting look to it, I am instantly in love… or maybe in lust. Who knows. Either way, they say the older someone is, the wiser they should be. Eh, that’s not always the case, but at least vintage home decor ages gracefully and their wisdom can only be guessed while trying to imagine the stories behind each of them.

Of course it would be a shame if I didn’t like the act of sharing… fortunately, there’s enough vintage home decor fun to go around for all of us!

Interested in one of the pieces? Click on the link below to be redirected to a rare, but rather unique, online boutique on named Think Hipsy – a Golfing With Hippies Production (of some sort.)

Think Different, Shop Unique only at Think Hipsy 






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Out Of Sight

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Train Station Street Art

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What is Art?

Art is expressing the imagination. It’s using the branches of creative activity to produce something to be appreciated, hated, or to stir controversy.

For me, street art is art.

Some people may get offended or think that these artists are ruining the integrity of neighborhoods. I don’t agree, though. The mystery behind the creators of street art fascinates me to no end. Who are they? What’s the message they want to portray?

Maybe they don’t have another outlet for their feelings. Or perhaps, it’s their intention to let out their thoughts and beliefs through this creative route.

How do you feel when you look at the pictures below?

Most of these pictures have been taken by myself, but I do have to give a huge shout out to Katt Sartor and Peter Legierse for allowing me to use some of their photographs. Thank you! xoxo

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