Road Trip on Hipsy Budget

Travel to discover something you didn’t know you were searching for. Some of the best moments on road trips begin and end with proper planning. Whether it’s a day or 5 day getaway, if you aren’t financially ready for the journey ahead, then a surprise or two expenses will bring on stress, thus, taking away […]

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DIY Wooden Crate Bookcase

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DAY OF HAPPINESS ! In honor of this amazing holiday, I have decided to share a project that I consider to be the greatest morale and self-esteem booster – Creating a unique bookcase, which you can proudly say you made in the comfort of your home! The process is too simple, and  the […]

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Food, Inc Awareness

Food, Inc. My boyfriend, knowing my love for documentaries, used this to his advantage when he suggested for us to watch Food, Inc. Prior to viewing the film, he had been doing his best to persuade me into entering the organic lifestyle with him. I usually would tune him out during his “Monsanto is the […]

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