This was suppose to be a simple post on sober date ideas for the summer

Ah, summer love. Maybe it’s the warm, freshly pollinated air inducing our hormones to think of summer romances much bigger than they truly were. Like revisiting a place from childhood; The playground is never as enormous as memory presents. It’s all about perspective. Summer love doesn’t always have to be this magical, yet tragic, Notebook […]

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A Poetic Confession

You said, Hello. I said, Yes. Thus, beginning the first page of a never-ending story that ultimately comes to an end.   With faith in mind, curiosity beautifully wrote a love song unintendedly.   Mesmerized and inspired, tell me, Mr. Poe, what is the secret? I must know.   A tale of two souls written […]

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Out Of Sight

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Thoughtful Tuesday

A few months ago, I was on a cruise ship with my good friend, Kelly. I loved every minute of the vacation, except for the constant search for a smoking area. I don’t label myself as a smoker; however, after a few Blue Moons, plus a couple shots of Jager here and there, resisting my […]

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Ask. Believe. ACT. Receive

If I came across a genie, for one,  I would pee my pants. But the chances of running into  a genie who grants wishes are fairly slim, so I don’t have to relive another embarrassing moment where I lose control over my bladder. Like my freshmen year in college, when I peed my pants outside the cafeteria […]

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